Esker Film Society
donderdag 13 juni 2024 20:00 - 22:00
Locatie Stadkamer Centrum, Christa Westerhofzaal
Categorie Volwassenen
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Esker Film Society

At the Esker Film Society we watch and discuss short films push the boundaries of what a film can be. These films aim to give their audience the freedom to think for themselves and to fill in the gaps. They can be personal stories told without a clear storyline or abstract expressions of obscure ideas. And they let us observe our world in a new light and from unexpected angles.
Each program includes a short introduction and a selection of 3 short films. There’s ample room to discuss our findings between the films and after the screening. We’re a society, after all. Every instalments lasts an hour and a half, with the possibility of running a bit over time. Grab a free cup of coffee or tea at the start and let yourself be carried away by the images, guided by Bram Ruiter.

Bram Ruiter (1989) is an internationally well-known filmmaker from Zwolle. He teaches a filmmaking course at ArtEZ University of the Arts. And he is the initiator of Esker Film Society.
The three Esker Film Society evenings (on the 13th and 27th of June and the 11th of July) are organized by Stadkamer Europe Direct in co-creation with Bram Ruiter.

  • Waarschuwing: sommige films bevatten beelden met lichtflitsen.
    Let op: Tijdens de filmavonden is de voertaal Engels. Maak je geen zorgen als je Engels wat gebrekkig is, we zijn met mensen van allerlei nationaliteiten en we kunnen elkaar helpen vertalen

  • Warning: photosensitivity/epilepsy seizures.
    Attention! During the film evenings, the language spoken will be English. Don't worry if your English is a bit shaky; we have people of various nationalities, and we can help each other with translations. We’re a society, after all!